ISOBE Masaharu




Research Fields, Keywords

Molecular Genetics

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  • 2018.04

    University of ToyamaFaculty of Engineering   Department of Engineering   Professor  

  • 2006.04

    University of ToyamaGraduate School of Science and Engineering for Research   Life, Information and System Sciences   Human and Life Information Systems   Professor  

  • 2005.10

    University of ToyamaFaculty of Engineering   Department of Life Sciences and Bioengineering   Professor  

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Human genetics

  • Molecular Oncology

  • Genome Medical Science

  • General medical chemistry


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • High throughput development of TCR-mimic antibody that targets survivin-2B<sub>80-88</sub>/HLA-A*A24 and its application in a bispecific T-cell engager.

    Kurosawa N, Wakata Y, Ida K, Midorikawa A, Isobe M

    Scientific reports   9 ( 1 ) 9827   2019.07

    Joint Work

    DOI PubMed

  • Development and validation of monoclonal antibodies against N6-methyladenosine for the detection of RNA modifications.

    Matsuzawa S, Wakata Y, Ebi F, Isobe M, Kurosawa N

    PloS one   14 ( 10 ) e0223197   2019

    Joint Work

    DOI PubMed

  • Guinea pig immunoglobulin VH and VL naïve repertoire analysis.

    Matsuzawa S, Isobe M, Kurosawa N

    PloS one   13 ( 12 ) e0208977   2018

    Joint Work

    DOI PubMed

  • Novel method for the high-throughput production of phosphorylation site-specific monoclonal antibodies.

    Kurosawa N, Wakata Y, Inobe T, Kitamura H, Yoshioka M, Matsuzawa S, Kishi Y, Isobe M

    Scientific reports   6   25174   2016.04

    Joint Work

    DOI PubMed

  • Cells of origin of squamous epithelium, dysplasia and cancer in the head and neck region after bone marrow transplantation.

    Kano Y, Ishii H, Konno M, Yamasaki M, Miyata H, Nishikawa S, Hamabe A, Ogawa H, Takahashi H, Ohta K, Hasegawa S, Tanaka K, Fukusumi T, Otsuka M, Kawamoto K, Haraguchi N, Fujimoto R, Isobe M, Tomita Y, Matsuura N, Takiguchi S, Mori M, Doki Y

    International journal of oncology   44 ( 2 ) 443 - 50   2014.02

    Joint Work

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research

    Project Year: 2015.04  -  2017.03 

  • Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research

    Project Year: 2013.04  -  2015.03 

  • Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research

    Project Year: 2011.04  -  2013.03